Dedicated student of martial arts including Aikido, Tai Chi,

Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jujitsu, Karate, Kali and Kickboxing

Fuad Osceola is an award-winning massage therapist who has been soothing clients with his integrated body-centered therapies for over 30 years.

A former psychotherapist, with an M.Ed. in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University, Fuad integrates his knowledge of the mind with the therapy of the body to create a holistic healing experience for his clients. Fuad is known for his authentic and serene presence, and he is dedicated to guiding clients through the transformative healing powers of therapies found on land, water and beyond.

Creator of Aqua Do, a synthesis of aquatics & martial arts

Certified Instructor of Aquatic Fitness, Water Safety & Ai-Chi

Certified in Burdenko Method & Certified Aquatic Personal Trainer


A revolutionary concept in massage and fitness... land, water and beyond

Certified in Burdenko Method and Certified Aquatic Personal Trainer

Certified Practitioner of
Watsu Aquatic Bodywork

about fuad osceola

m.ed., l.m.t., C.M.T., AFI, APT, WSI

California & New York State Licensed Massage Therapist


M.Ed. in Counseling & Consulting Psychology from Harvard University